Access from France
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A site close to motorways and high-speed train (TGV) stations

Access by car

  • From the North of France (6 hours from Paris)
    Take the motorway from Paris to Lyon (A6), then Lyon to Grenoble (A48). Take the exit Villard de Lans and follow the RN 532 (national road). Before the village Sassenage, follow the direction for the Vercors, on your right.
  • From the South of France (3 hours from Marseille)
    Take the motorway from Marseille to Valence (A7). Take the exit Valence Sud, and take the motorway to Grenoble (A49), until the exit La Baume d’Hostun, in direction of Villard de Lans. In St Nazaire en Royans, take the RD 531 (national road), in direction of Villard de Lans.

By train

  • High-speed train (TGV) from Paris to Grenoble (3 hours)
    Grenoble train station is at 30km from Villard de Lans and there are regular transfers to the Vercors.
  • High-speed train (TGV) from Paris to Valence (2 hours)
    Valence train station is 1 hour drive from Villard de Lans. Take a taxi or a shuttle « ethopvercors ».