A training site for pro athletes
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A training site for pro athletes

The Vercors biathlon rollerski area has been built to accommodate pro athletes’ needs.

Open from May to November, it allows cross-country skiers and biathletes to train during the summer.

  • 3km of run for warming up and cooling down
  • 10km of red and black run to improve one’s technique

Thanks to different types of runs, skiers can work on their technique and stamina. Biathletes can train in a stadium with a 50m and 10m shooting range.

Vue aérienne ©C.Pedrotti

Aerial view ©C.Pedrotti

 Focus on the 10m shooting range :

  • Eight mechanical KIWI targets which help to work on the techniques of the different positions (prone position and standing position).
  • Main asset: offers different types of training on the same site (introduction to shooting, 10m shooting and 50m shooting).

The Vercors biathlon rollerski area is already recognised as a unique training place by Nordic sports champions and clubs. Athletes can top up their training with the outdoor activities on offer at the edge of the site : golfing, trail running, mountain biking, horse riding, hiking, etc.

NOT TO BE MISSED : the French biathlon team training on the Vercors biathlon rollerski area.


Espace Biathlon Ski-roue Vercors from Mox on youtube

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