Rules and regulations
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Rules to be followed by all users

I- How to use the rollerski run

1.1 : Users

Users are all the individuals or groups (with a coach or on their own) who access the biathlon rollerski area.
Only the green and blue runs are accessible to the public.
The red and black runs are reserved for the training of athletes who hold a Nordic skiing – Biathlon Licence.

1.2 : Use and circulation

The rollerski runs are exclusively reserved for use by rollerskiers (classic or skating style) and rollerbladers.
Except in the case of a special dispensation, access is forbidden to people without rollerskis and rollerblades, to pets, and to people using a scooter, bike, skate, buggy or any other type of vehicle, including motorised vehicles. Access is also forbidden to pedestrians. 
Users must follow the arrows pointing the direction to take. They must take care of the equipment and all the signs.
Users who carry a rifle can only use it in the shooting range.

1.3 : Safety regulations

Users must wear all the necessary equipment: a helmet, gloves and elbow and knee protectors. It is also recommended to wear a short with protections for rollerskiing and rollerblading.
Users must have rollerskis or rollerblades that work well and will not endanger themselves or other users.
Users must demonstrate responsible behaviour and control their speed in order not to endanger themselves and other users.
Users must take into account the difficulty of the course and their physical and technical ability.

II – How to use the shooting range

2.1 : Users

Users are all individuals or groups (with a coach or on their own) who use the shooting range.

2.2 : Access regulations of the shooting range

Before each shooting session, users must book their sessions on a plan, available at the welcome desk in the Hauts-Plateaux building, and must hold authorisation to use the shooting range, signed by the person in charge of the Vercors rollerski biathlon area.

To obtain authorisation, users must have :
Insurance or a licence
A purchase certificate for the rifle
A valid passport

These documents must be shown on request to the person in charge of the area.
Users under 18 years old must have written authorisation from their parents for shooting (including the 10-metre), training and competing. The authorisation must be signed by both parents.

2.3 : Sport and type of rifles authorised

Sport authorised :
Biathlon only is authorised in the shooting range.
Hunting guns and handguns are banned.

Authorised guns :
Air rifle and .22 long rifle
Shooting in the shooting range must be done in standing position, prone position or kneeling position
50-metre shooting on mechanical or cardboard targets in a specific area
10-metre shooting on mechanical or cardboard targets
Laser rifle

Munitions authorised :
Diabolo-type lead bullet calibre 4/5, and .22 long rifle bullet calibre 5/5.

2.4 : Safety regulations

The safety regulations apply to everyone who enters the shooting area, whether they shoot or not.
A gun/rifle must always be considered as loaded.
A gun/rifle must never be pointed at a person.
The rifle can only be carried in a bag and must not be loaded.
Access to public transport is banned to people carrying a rifle.
The rifle must only be pointed at targets.
The rifle must never point at anything other than the targets.
An unused rifle must be put back in its bag.
It is forbidden to shoot at the ground.
At the end of the shooting session, the rifle must be put in a vertical position in a rifle holder with the gun pointing at the sky.
Before getting closer to the target, check that the other users agree to stop shooting.
It is forbidden to walk in the shooting range with a loaded rifle.
At the end of the shooting session, make sure that the rifle is unloaded.
Never touch someone else’s rifle without authorisation.
Despite all these rules, a gun must always been considered as dangerous.

Animals are strictly forbidden in the shooting area.

Users of the shooting range must always clean up at the end of a session (cartridges, papers, etc.).

2.5 : Safety measures

There are signs saying DANGER – TIR all around the shooting area.
The safety system put in place must be respected by all users, according to the 2.3 Arrêté Municipal de sécurité on the rollerski biathlon area.

2.6 : Responsibility

Corrençon-en-Vercors and the Communauté de Communes du Massif du Vercors are not responsible for any problems created by users who haven’t followed the Rules and Regulations.

2.7: Special measures

In the case of particular and exceptional circumstances, Corrençon-en-Vercors and the Communauté de Communes du Massif du Vercors can forbid or limit the access to the shooting range and change the opening times without any notice.

2.8 : Controls and sanctions

All users of the shooting range must be able to show their authorisations at any time.
Users who are not able to show their authorisations or who don’t respect the Rules and Regulations will be sanctioned. They won’t be allowed to use the biathlon site for a limited or unlimited set period.
Users of the Vercors biathlon rollerski area have to follow its Rules and Regulations so that all users can get the best out of the site.