Knowledge of Aquarius ? family members and you can/otherwise lovers :)

Knowledge of Aquarius ? family members and you can/otherwise lovers :)

Knowledge of Aquarius ? family members and you can/otherwise lovers <img src="" alt=":)" class="wp-smiley" style="height: 1em; max-height: 1em;" />

(23f. droop sun moon Aquarius ascending malignant tumors.) i recently realized that i’m super attracted to Aquarius women. in my opinion they are gorgeous, want, novel, and always hook my attention. my best friend was an Aquarius which have a great pisces moonlight lol but personally i think such the audience is thus comparable and discover eye to eye on the unnecessary some thing in life, matchmaking, needs, etcetera. merely situation i am aware forsure is sometimes she dislike just how much my personal ass conversations hahah i wish i’m able to prevent speaking such both…but at the same time we wouldn’t ever before should b a great “quiet/ boring” incredibly dull such as for example taurus/geminis hahah sorry to cap i recently believe they probably the most fantastically dull and i also swear taurus/gemini guys constantly you will need to talk to me i’m such as for example guy bye foolish actually my particular ???? as soon as we begin speaking abt conspiracy theories tho is when my aquarius want to cam over us embark on more than all of us sags. i’m not sure far abt aquarius males however, we have noticed recently also i don’t rlly fw him or her…idk as to the reasons however, i like the brand new aqua female only is that fcked upwards lmao ? i feel including the men are participants/have no idea just who it rlly try/ as well flirty/ missing thoughts and even knowledge pls ? :)

ps people personal experience/ applying for grants sags people Versus. girls ? i understand sag kid often b a little more athlete such as for instance but what almost every other distinctions were there ?

My experience in Aquarius boys was ridiculous . You will find Aquarius females just like the nearest and dearest as well. I Sagittarius remove Aquarius into the united states more we have been lured on them. Difficult time Aquarius everyone is. Cool, isolated perhaps not trust worthy. Will play Sagittarius in ways that’s amazing. My personal Aquarius is two timming myself along with other women. They have most readily useful comebacks also for those who get off her or him but I see them getting poisonous. I think my personal finest matches is Leo’s and you will Gemini only result in he or she is a whole lot more communicative. Aquarius female shag upwards anything consciously immediately after which perform dramas and you may only to capture notice tries to search vulnerable but are learn players.

Because the lovers We have not ever been in a real connection with an enthusiastic aqua lady, but I have already been this new sly link to the em, and they’re super fun during intercourse, usually usually down to was contribution the new

The post is actually sooo towards area! All my personal interactions having people male or female that have a keen Aquarius sun or moon sign has been so dangerous, they play your, and therefore are thus cooler and you will detached it is sick. I’m good sag sunshine having good Pisces moonlight.

They aren’t super clingy or touchy, feely, and i also love one simply got you to definitely work on-from inside the with an excellent clingy aqua, and their venus was a student in scorpio thus sick just blame it on that lmao

give thanks to u for verification!! i never truly talked to good aqua male however, i’m attending try to avoid bc all we hear abt them try harmful… how can you feel abt my personal moonlight and sunlight in droop/aqua? eg fuxk manage we end up being to tackle me personally hahah fascinating sure leo and you can sags very common duo and additionally gemini :) for me personally i really don’t instance leo arrogance but i do such as how communicative they roentgen u was correct abt one sure aqua lady have a tendency to do this bc Aquarius you want confirm its “unique” in order to anybody else once the there can be hiding that they’re rlly maybe not hahah jk jk i have just comprehend two things and you can aquas will do you to either to use carry out “excitement”

(22m Droop sun, Pisces moonlight, Virgo asc) My personal experience in aqua women was basically extremely charming. Idk the goals however, i find me attracted to them in most cases(the concept, and energy was unparalleled i do believe), a lot of them have also been keen on me personally since present. Since the family unit members these are typically higher, because they indeed keep intriguing and significant convos. Given that a droop i don’t need to see my buddies casual or even keep in touch with him or her each day, and you can aqua guys/females is actually one another very recognizing of this since the majority of your own minutes they think an identical (in my opinion no less than). Along with they normally are constantly down for whatever bullshit I am looking to go into. For aqua dudes i have along with much of em however, we never see me keeping them as much as me too will. Specific would be a beneficial lil weird otherwise socially shameful. As the a sag boy me i think im pretty cool, but i do ghost a lot that has caused more than its great amount away from issues with my lives lol

omg pisces moon. excite let me know much more lmao. that is hella fascinating to me…how can you feel just like one to affects ur sag sunlight? yes decided they might be design and effort was hella dope :) i really don’t actually like girls but i b particularly damn these lil aqua king b appearing genuine great and you can shit and it is hard to hook good sags attract but they usually frequently ^ . ^ yes i favor how they provide us with sags place and generally are right down to merely pull up for you and wade rating eating or be super chill from the agreements (either flake same as us sags bc they catch up same as us hahah). it is funny bc both my bestie happens ghost on the myself to have a couple days and you may i am lowkey damage following she’s going to call me and stay such as for instance um as to the reasons have not you titled me personally? i nonetheless friends right ? i am particularly biiiish let’s cigarette lmao. we simply particularly get each other idk how exactly to identify they..but really a sneaky hook?? boi you ideal be cautious out right here whatsyourprice sign up…convinced male and female tend to b participants and are detached dont b catching ideas unless she a real that. lmao your appear to be me “because the good sag myself i think i am pretty chill” lmao you’re coo. coo given that shag we got a positive lighted times in order to you nobody is able to compare with! and ghosting is how exactly we is…in my situation easily ghost your it is because i’d like you to definitely fuxking confirm urself and feature me u proper care Otherwise u need hop out me tf alone bc if i get a hold of ur title pop up on my monitor again we usually cover towards the ur life time and you can say one particular triggering shit in the very sincere means lmao anywaysssss

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